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Day Camp

Day Camp is the perfect way to calm your energetic pup during the day. Let them play and socialize while you get everything you need to do done. The animals have so much fun that once they come, they do not want to leave.

close up of a dog with a carrot toy in its mouth
close up of a dog with a carrot toy in its mouth


Our Day Camp is for dogs that are just coming for the day. This is a great opportunity to socialize your dog and get all of its energy out if you are busy during the day or have work that is keeping you busy. The dogs will spend the day playing and interacting with other dogs of similar size and temperment.

If your pet is only coming for day camp, they can be dropped off between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. Just like our overnight camp, day camp dogs have the advantage of our many veterinary experts on site. Because the camp shares the same grounds as the veterinary clinic, we always have doctors around that fix almost any medical problem. On top of that, our camp staff is trained to detect any signs of discomfort or illness in your pet so we not only fix medical problems, but prevent them before they happen.

If you have a cat that is staying with us, or just wants to play, then they will have their own space to play. Our feline friends get daily play time out of their cabins to climb our Cat Trees and watch birds out of the window!


  • Day Camp  $28.00

  • Overnight Dog Campers $36.00 Per Day

  • Overnight Cat Campers $22.00 Per Day

  • Treadmill $7.50/Session

  • Medication Storage, Administration, Documentation $2/Day

  • Holiday, Peak Period Premium $40.00/1 Night (Dog)

  • Holiday, Peak Period Premium $24.00/1 Night (Cat)